Doulton Sink filter systems

Doulton water filters are worldwide known for their quality and importance in water treatment. The wide range of options offered by Doulton brings alternatives in areas such as: bottling water and reverse osmosis aplication.

The carbon technology used in Doulton water treatment systems leads to a higher performance than traditional activated carbon filters. The ceramic surface can be easily cleaned therefore the risk of clogging is reduced.

Depending on the quality of filtered water, the cartridge filter can be used up to 12 months and can process up to 3.75 liters of water/minute


  • The antibacterial Doulton filter is a washable cartridge filter, replaceable, with a capacity of processing 8.000 liters/cartridge.
  • The cartridge contains an activated carbon core and a pore ceramic exterior shell.
  • Pore size (0,5-0,8 microni), stops the passing of sediment and bacteria, which remain on the exterior surface of the cartridge.
  • The cleaning of the cartridge is recomanded only in cold water, with rough wipes. It is not allowed to use detergents and other cleaning products.
  • The filter doesn’t need to be sterilized after cleaning (self-sterilizing).
  • The double shell maintains the water temperature.

Mechanical filtration

  • Particles removal
  • 0,9 microns>99,99%
  • 0,5 microns>99,9%
  • turbidity >99,7%

Microscopic parasite cysts

  • Cryptosporidium >99,99%
  • Giardia Lamblia >99,99%

Pathogenic bacteria

  • E. Coli >99,99%
  • Vibrio Cholerae >99,99%
  • Klebsiella Terrigena >99,99%
  • Salmonella Typhi >99,999%
  • Shigella >99,999%
  • Clor>97%
Organic substances
  • Lindan (0,1 ppb) >80%
  • Atrazina (1,2 ppb) >80%
  • TCPs (1,2 ppb) >50%
  • PAHs (0,2 ppb) >95%
  • Cloroform (150 ppb) >50%