Sediment filters

Are designed for removal of solid contaminants such as sand, mud, rust, pollen, coal dust, microorganisms and many other.
The cartridge is made ​​of polypropylene, resistant to most common chemicals and bacteria.
Depending on your needs it can be mounted in series to increase the purity of the water or the efficiency.

Big Blue sediment filter

Designed for residential applications, Big Blue filters are recommended due to their high filtration capability, resistance to polypropylene carcases, quality and life span of the cartridge.

Features Big Blue 20:

Input / Output: 1 ”
Min pressure: 2 bar
Max pressure: 7 bar
Height: 60 cm
Diameter: 18 cm
Temperature min: 70C
Max temperature: 350C
Filtration capacity: 1000 m3
Flow max: 7.2 m3 / h

Weight 1,2 kg
standard filter sleeve 25 Microns
Flow 5,5 m3/h
Max. working pressure 90
Max. operating pressure 16 bari
Max. operating temperature 500C
Low pressure loss Thanks to the filter cartridge construction
fittings Diametru de 3/4” sau 1”
Transparent body To see the status of the filter cartridge
Seal with oring system It does not require tools
Maintenance Low maintenance costs
To eliminate the taste and smell of water can be associated with filters of the same category, equipped with filter media


Sediment filter CINTROPUR NW25 For the protection of the sanitary installation, drinking water supply or agriculture, the Cintropur filter has as a basic principle the filtration of solid particles (earth, sand, rust, etc.) suspended in water.

In residential applications it is used for:

Protection of the sanitary water system from the public system, rainwater or spill water.
Water filtration at the entrance to the water treatment plant: softener, reverse osmosis treatment system, UV sterilizer

The centrifugal force provided to the water flow separates the larger particles at the bottom of the filter and the smaller ones are retained on the filter element sleeve.

Ideally, the protective filter is located at the entrance to the plant to protect all the connected devices within the plant.

In the standard version, the system is equipped with 25 micron FILTRANE FILTERS, but depending on the specifics of water impurities, it can be replaced with filter fines between 1-50 microns.

With a low cost, the Cintropur CW filter filters, which are compatible with the Cintropur NW25, ensure a smooth maintenance of the treatment system due to a simple replacement process.