Household filters are part of the category of residential elements for the treatment of drinking water, with plenty of features that help to get high quality drinking water.

Among the filters’ attributions there are mechanical filtration elements for sediment retention, the elimination of pathogenic bacteria, odors, chlorine and taste, as well as the elimination of organic substances.

Depending on the needs of each residential sector, household filters are divided into:

Sink filters

They are known all over the world for the quality and necessity of their use in water treatment. The wide range of variants offered by Doulton brings an alternative in areas such as water bottling, distilled water and reverse osmosis. The versatility of carbon technology used in water treatment systems results in a much higher performance than traditional charcoal filters. The ceramic surface can be easily cleaned, so the filter clogging risk is minimal. The duration of use of these cartridges is up to 12 months, depending on the quality of the filtered water. Doulton water filters can handle up to 3.75 l / min.

Reverse osmosis

It is the best and most effective solution for water purification, being a much safer and more economical alternative to bottled drinking water. Water treatment by reverse osmosis is based on a physical phenomenon, water filtration through a semi-permeable membrane, does not involve chemical treatment and leads to the elimination of organic and inorganic compounds dissolved in water as well as biological contaminants (bacteria and viruses) from water.

Sediment filters

Sediment filters are designed to remove solid contaminants such as sand, mud, rust, pollen, coal dust, microorganisms and many other sediments.