Higher physical and chemical resistance for multiple uses in water treatment, wastewater storage, biogas plants, sludge storage.

There are metallic overhead cylindrical basins made by joining curved steel fused glass panels at temperatures of + 850 ° C, RAL 5004 size 1490 x 1490 mm and thicknesses from 2.0 ÷ 8.0 mm that assemble together with the help of bolts and screws.

The enamelled coating may be monolayer or doubled. Enameling is done in accordance with the European Enamel Authority regulations (EEA 7.20-Unrestored Pools, 7.24 / 7.25 Double Layers) by coating the steel sheet with a glass dust followed by the burning process. In the case of double layer emails, two firing processes occur. The thickness of the email layer is between 180 and 500 μm. All tank production processes are controlled in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 9001: 2000 quality assurance standard.

Resistance to UV radiation is tested in accordance with the provisions of the European Enamel Authority. The weathering test is carried out on test plates in accordance with DIN EN ISO 11 341. The panels of the tank walls are mounted on a circular reinforced concrete foundation.

Tanks made of enamelled steel panels are manufactured according to the design to be made (capacity correlated with the diameter and height of the tank). Tanks with capacities ranging from 50 m³ to 1000 m³ with heights from 2.93 m to 7.25 m can be made.


  • Drinking water storage tank (closed basin with lid);
  • Waste water storage tank (open pool);
  • Industrial water storage tank;
  • Hatch tank (water reservoir required for water supply to fight fire);
  • Irrigation tank;
  • Tank for farms.

IntelliTANK tanks have technical approval issued by the Technical Council for Construction of the Ministry of Public Works and Housing. The minimum lifetime estimated by the tanks producer is 30 years, the lifetime guarantee by CV Water being at least 18 months in optimum operating conditions, the maintenance of the tanks being relatively easy, being performed by periodic washing at the recommended intervals by manufacturer, depending on their destination.

The elements used in the construction of the reservoirs do not contain radioactive or potentially carcinogenic substances, toxic wastes or other substances or elements harmful to people’s health or the integrity of the environment and they meet the conditions imposed by the “General Labor Protection Norms” approved by the Ministry of Labor with Order no.508 / 2002 and the Ministry of Health with Orders No.933 / 2002 and 195/2005.

On delivery, the products are accompanied by the Quality Certificate, the Warranty Certificate, the Technical Approval and the Manufacturer’s Declaration of Conformity

C&V Water Control can provide for each tank type, depending on the variant chosen by the customer, the plans and execution details for the foundation with its geometrical dimensions, reinforcement details and reinforcement table.

On the basis of the geotechnical study provided by the beneficiary, the foundation project for the reservoir will be realized so that it is adapted to the real situation in the field (may be necessary works to improve the foundation ground if necessary, a higher height of Ballast cushion, etc.)

The flanges and nuts necessary for the installation of the hydraulic system will be offered after the exact communication of the beneficiary regarding the positioning and their dimensions.

These pipes generally refer to:

  • Connection and PVC tank supply pipe;
  • Outlet outlet from the respective distribution tank;
  • Overflow connection;
  • Tank emptying connection;
  • Connection for evacuating water from the fire reserve;
  • Other fittings or accessories can be ordered on request.


Access ladder consisting of platforms, cornices and joining elements for the construction of railing and circular protection elements.
Electric heaters with built-in thermostat, which start automatically when the water temperature drops below + 5o, required for heating the water (against frost 2-4 pieces of 3 Kw depending on tank size)
In the case of drinking water tanks: The geomembrane is manufactured in accordance with the permit for drinking water.

  • Roof made of ISOBOX sandwich panels fixed on a metal structure made of galvanized metal beams. Sandwich panels have a thickness of 50 mm.
  • The inspection opening with a PE lid of size 60x70x5 cm located on the roof of the tank.
  • Water supply connection (without duct and without tap).
  • Outlet to consumers (without duct and without tap).
  • Overflow connection (without duct and without tap).
  • Drain connection (without duct and without tap).
  • Other fittings or accessories can be ordered on request.


Frost protection for walls is made of 100 mm thick basalt with a density of 40 kg / m3, the protection being made with 0.5 mm thick cut sheet.

* C&V Water Control can design and install, depending on the needs of the customers, tanks of various diameters, heights and capacities. For details please contact us.