Economic option for storage of drinking water, fire water, rain water.

Cylindrical overhead tanks made of galvanized stainless steel plates, fixed to each other in screws to form a cylinder, technology that reduces costs and installation time, replacing major construction works of concrete or welding.

Sealing is done using a factory-made geomembrane, which reduces the risk of leakage.

Fastening tanks at the base and at the top is made using L-shaped profiles, galvanized steel, curved for each individual tank. Depending on the size of the tank, they can also be used to stabilize against the wind.

The tank is closed type, suitable for loads of 1.0 kN / m2 and adapted for installation in seismic or windy areas at speeds of up to 45 m / s.

The roof is rigid consisting of ISOBOX panels fixed on a metallic beam structure. The 50 mm thick 3-rib sandwich panels are mounted on a main and secondary beam system that rests on a central pole and on the walls of the tank. In the joining area of the curved metal panels with stiffening corners from the upper part of the tank, respectively in the vertical connection of the curved metal panels, 2 mm thick galvanized strips are installed to ensure the distance between the panels.

The standard tank is equipped with power, exhaust, overflow and drain connections. Connections can be tailored to project specifications and customer requests. Additionally, the tank can be equipped with accessories such as: side view gates, external staircase, operating platform, etc.

  • Galvanized stainless steel plates;
  • Bolts, nuts and washers for assembly;
  • Galvanized steel mounting bracket;
  • Galvanized staircase with inspection platform;
  • Roof roof vent;
  • DN80 connection with float valve;
  • Overflow DN150.
  • Aspiration DN200 with anti-vortex plate;
  • DN600 lateral opening;
  • PVC membrane for protection and waterproofing;
  • Base anchors M16 x 200;
  • Heater 3kW;
  • Roof.


  • They can be easily disassembled and relocated
  • Reduced assembly time
  • Reliability
  • It does not require further investment
  • Competitive prices


It is often necessary to isolate the reservoir and, on request, as required, the appropriate solution will be recommended to ensure that the stored material / substance does not freeze even under extreme temperature conditions.


The tank is assembled using hydraulic jacks or scaffolds. Depending on the size of the tank, the optimal assembly method is recommended.


Components made of galvanized steel damaged due to mechanical action or the environment can be replaced without the need to disassemble the entire tank. Insulation membrane faults can be repaired directly at the site.

The STANDARD range includes tanks with capacities and standard sizes for: 50 mc, 75 mc, 100 mc, 150 mc, 200 mc, 250 mc, 300 mc, 350 mc, 400 mc, 450 mc, 500 mc.

Depending on the application, the capacity of the galvanized steel tanks can be customized from 9m3 to 4000m3 and with diameters starting at 3.1m. We offer a product for a wide range of specifications and needs of the customer with dimensions and characteristics specific.

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