Wastewater Treatment Plants - IntelliBIO - Residential applications up to 750 inhabitants

The wastewater treatment plant for domestic wastewater are designed according to the water quality parameters and capacity, in order the ensure the treated water quality parameters required by NTPA 001/2005 Norms– condition needed for discharge in natural environment. Our wastewater plants are used for individual homes, cottages, hostels, hotels and for residential districts with a total of up to 750 people located in areas, in case of non-existence of a central sewer system connection.

Protects the environment

Want to discharge wastewater in the natural environment? IntelliBIO wastewater treatment offers the advantage of complex processes for wastewater treatment and meets the parameters specified by the Norm NTPA 001/2005.

Economic system

The superior net alternative to septic tanks, due to their high efficiency, low maintenance cost and modern appearance, escapes the worries and costs of monthly waste, the problems with the authorities involved in the discharge of inappropriate water. After commissioning, the only costs will be those with electricity because the treatment plant does not require the addition of chemicals.

Modern, personalized look

The sewage treatment plant is no longer a piece of equipment that we want to place as far away from the house as possible. Due to the biological purification process and the modern equipment incorporated, the smell release is virtually non-existent and the noise is not felt. Skinnable outer cover gives you a nice look modern equipment that can be easily integrated into your yard space.

1. Bioreactor

Made of quality polypropylene, the plant’s bioreactor provides mechanical resistance to forces acting on the inside and outside. To provide complex water treatment processes, the bioreactor is appropriately partitioned into specific areas and sections: coarse material retaining zone, nitrification zone, denitrification zone, aeration zone, secondary settling area.

2. Extension

To facilitate access, the station is provided with an extension made of polypropylene, located between the wastewater supply area and the lid. Depending on the option, the extension can be standard or tapered.

3. Cover

The ponds are covered with polypropylene caps, non-load-bearing, which can also be tailored to fit, customized with fake lawn or DECK Pin Termowood (heat treated pine wood).

4. Air blower

It is the only electro-mechanical equipment of this technology, used to provide the aeration necessary for the biological treatment process.

5. Command / Control

The sewage treatment plant is fully automated, the only necessary maintenance operations being the evacuation of the sludge produced (made annually by a specialized company in accordance with the legislation in force) and the removal of coarse material from the basket grating. Depending on the option, the automation can be done with a more modern and more advanced programmable socket or automation.

The sewage treatment plant is fully automated, the only maintenance required is the evacuation of sludge produced from the bioreactor by vacuuming, on average 2-3 times a year, depending on the degree of charge of the influent.

The resultant sludge is stabilized, it does not smell, it can be evacuated with a pump on a nearby agricultural land and used as a natural fertilizer after obtaining the approval from the sanitary-veterinary authorities.

Technological processes comply with environmental regulations (NTPA-001/2005).

Starting from sewage treatment plants with a capacity of 4.5 cubic meters / day,  it is recommended placing before  the bioreactor a pumping station (part of the accessories may be prefabricated from polypropylene, it can be made of concrete or by the customer and properly equipped with submersible waste water transfer pump).

For wastewater treatment IntelliBIO, starting with 45 cubic meters/ day treatment is no longer done only by the bioreactor. Biological scheme of treatment including a pumping station with dual roles pump station and tank mixing, equalization rates, drive automatic Sieve, fat separator unit, bioreactor, and optionally, optionally, a final disinfection step with ultraviolet before evacuation to the emissary.

The sewage treatment can be modified according to the particularities of each application (the characteristics of the influent, the field conditions or the specific requirements of the beneficiary and the designer respectively).