C&V Water Control Technologies

The technologies we promote come to meet our customers needs.

We stand by your side so that together we meet the local and global water challenges.


Why our technology?

  • complete solutions from a single vendor;
  • experience in the treatment of drinking water, process water and wastewater;
  • reliable and efficient equipments.


We are dedicated to promoting innovative water treatment technologies for:

  • the residential segment;
  • industry companies;
  • municipalities.

Wastewater is also a resource!

Due to the high quality of the effluent, the water resulting from the treatment process has a high potential for reuse, which can lead to significant water savings.

The need for wastewater recycling is based on some convincing arguments:

  • economic reasons: badly managed wastewater generates additional costs, does not bring benefits and can have major negative consequences for subsequent investments;
  • ecological reasons: ensuring a healthy environment free of pollutants;
  • Social reasons: Urban development trends and population growth, climate change will exacerbate the water crisis, which has become more and more acute lately.


We are experts in this field and if you need advice on water treatment, please allow us to provide you with a customized technology that suits your needs.