Used for sediment and sludge handling in wastewater treatment plant this equipment ensure an efficient process on sludge disposal.


The equpment functioning is based on a scraping system handling the sludge both settled or on the surface. The peripheral driven sludge scraper is equipped with a rotary bridge with a scraping system, a intermediary layer and a rubber wheel acting on tank wall.

There are many scraping systems with all kinds of blades or design, but in all cases the sludge disposal takes place through the center of the tank.

·         simple and reliable design
·         reduced investments costs
·         low wear and maintenance
·         flexible system
·         efficient sludge removal system
·         low operating costs


ConClar 537- peripheral driven suction sludge scraper designed for installation in large circular tanks, usually designed with a rotating scraper bridge.

The equipment sucks up sedimented sludge through hydrostatic pressure – called a suction sludge scraper or siphon sludge scraper. The sludge flow rate is regulated by means of a telescopic pipe mounted on the suction pipes. The design offers high reliability, combined with proven technology.

ConClar 531- Peripheral driven conventional sludge scraper equipped with blade that guides the sludge to the center of the tank.