Wastewater Treatment Plant - Residential Applications

The wastewater treatment plant for domestic wastewater are designed according to the water quality parameters and capacity, in order the ensure the treated water quality parameters required by NTPA 001/2005 Norms– condition needed for discharge in natural environment.

Our wastewater plants are used for individual homes, cottages, hostels, hotels and for residential districts with a total of up to 750 people located in areas, in case of non-existence of a central sewer system connection.

Protects the environment

Do you want to waste water in the natural environment? The IntelliBIO Wastewater Treatment Plant offers you the benefit of complex waste water treatment processes that allow you to reach water parameters that meet NTPA 001/2005 normative specifications.

Economic system

The superior net alternative to septic tanks, due to their high efficiency, low maintenance cost and modern appearance, escapes the worries and costs of monthly waste, the problems with the authorities involved in the discharge of inappropriate water. After commissioning, the only costs will be those with electricity because the treatment plant does not require the addition of chemical reagents.

Modern, personalized look

The sewage treatment plant is no longer a piece of equipment that we want to place as far away from the house as possible. Due to the biological purification process and the modern equipment incorporated, the odor is virtually non-existent and the noise is not felt. The capabilities of the outer lid of the lid provide you with modern equipment with a pleasant appearance that can be easily integrated into the space in your yard.

Technologic process:
The process starts with the mechanical pretreatment phase, where the heavy material is retained on the sieve – located immediately below the inlet pipe bioreactor. So pre-treated wastewater goes to biological treatment step. The base unit of the wastewater treatment compact plant is a biological bioreactor which integrates into a tank an activation chamber (occurring processes for nitrogen and phosphorus removal using activated sludge which contains aerobic, anaerobic and anoxic bacteria, able to suport the treatment process and a room for the separation of activated sludge from water.

Room for activation is divided into areas and sections to ensure that the special conditions for biological treatment, eg fermentation zone – anaerobic denitrification zone – and anoxic zone for nitrification – aerobic. Areas communicate with each other through passages and leakage. From the separation chamber, activated sludge is recycled into the first compartment bioreactor by a air-lift. Homogenization, circulation and recirculation of activated mixture is obtained with a air blower, which is the only electro-mechanical equipment of this technology.

For wastewater treatment plant intelliBIO, from 45 cm / day the process is no longer done only in bioreactor biological treatment. The treatment scheme includes a pumping station with two roles: pumping the water and flow equalization tank-mixing, automatic sieve, grease separation unit, bioreactor and further an optional final stage with ultraviolet disinfection before discharge to the emissary. The treatment plan can be modified depending on the particularities of each application (influent characteristics, field conditions or specific requirements of the recipient or design).
Operation and maintenance:
The IntelliBIO plant is fully automated, the only maintenance operation needed is the sludge and  heavy materials removal by a specialized company on sludge disposal, according to the existing laws. Sludge is biologically stabilized can be used in agriculture with the approval of authorized specialists.