Process Water Treatment Plant, Food Industry

Process Water Treatment Plant, Food Industry, Galati county

The beneficiary is the largest producer of fruits and vegetables cans in Romania.

The investment consists in treating the water needed for the production line serving a food factory.

The raw water is taken from 6 existing wells with a flow rate of 80mc/h. The water is first chlorinated and introduced into a reactiontank with a volume of 150 mc.

From the water basin, the water is pumped by 2 pumps (1 + 1) with a flow rate of 80mc / h in the water treatment plant.

In the water treatment plant the water is first passed through a mechanical filter with automatic cleaning and then with 6 automatic charcoal filters. This allows continuous flow of treated water for 24/24 hours.

After the filtration step, the water is stored in a 1000 mc tank.

Depending on the network requirement, the water is pumped from the storage tank by a group of 4 pumps (3 + 1) allowing a flow of up to 200 mc / h.

1st LINE

  • Semi-automatic filter
  • IntelliFILTER multimedia filtering installation
  • Assembly parts

2nd LINE

  • Chlorination plant
  • Reaction tank
  • Pumping group
  • Semi-automatic filter
  • IntelliFILTER active carbon filtering plant
  • Assembly parts

PUMPING GROUP: Equipped with 3 horizontal electrical pumps