Manufactured with food-grade standard materials, resistant to a large scale of reagents, the polypropilene, polyethylene tanks made by C&V Water Control are cylindrical and custom sized depending on utility and customer specifications. The maximum tanks height is 6 m.

On demand this tanks can be equipped with specific accesories, level gauge, taps, manholes, simple or removable covers.

Our solutions are specific for each client, in order to satisfy the most demanding requirements of beneficiaries in terms of quality-price ratio in both execution and exploitation steps.

In accordance with the european standards, the manufacture process is based on inovative technologies and high-tech equipment which provide strength and long-lasting sealing.

During an automatized process polypropylene plates of various sizes, set according to tank capacity, are joined by butt welding. The result is a significant reduction in the concentration of efforts in the weld area which significantly increases the tank resistance.


  • dimensiuni adaptate necesitatii clientului specific dimensions according to the customer needs
  • highly resistant to a large scale of reagents
  • high mechanical resistance
  • nontoxic and uniform material
  • goog isolation skils
  • easy maintenance due to the fine surface
  • easy handling thanks to small specific weight
  • small footprint
  • long life-time.

· Drinking and storm water storage
· Food industry products conditioning or processing
· Chemical industry tank
· Retention tank
· Waste storage for safety and environment protection condition

Reservoirs for the food industry

Very easy to carry, very easy to mount and at low prices, with high resistance and durability due to the material used and the sealing process, high chemical and mechanical resistance Receptacles and vats for use in the food industry are easy to maintain without the need for costs In their exploitation.
The material from which they are made is approved for industry and agriculture, for storage and processing of food products, potable water storage, for human use

Industrial tanks

Tanks for industrial use have been specially designed for harsh working conditions and are available in a wide range of sizes. Extremely resistant to aggressive environments: alkaline, acids, ultraviolet rays, C & V Water Control tanks for industrial use, can be custom-made to specific sizes and can be fitted with connectors for various applications.

Galvanizing boxes

The vases are made of PP-bonded slabs with welding material. Vessels can be made with partition walls, ribs, etc., depending on the application.

Ponds and fish tanks

We manufacture a wide range of vats and pools for polypropylene farms, a material that prevents the appearance and spread of surface mushrooms, organic compounds, algae. The technology used allows the construction of pools of different shapes, with the purpose of optimizing the space for the placement, the basins being designed according to the location and destination.
Thanks to the quality material used, the pools are easy to maintain, reducing physical strain, easy and quick to fit.
They can be used both for seedlings and for storage.