Maintaining roads in winter is a major issue for the traffic safety, therefore for the people too. That is why it should be paid a great attention for the snow removal services and methods by which these processes are being made.

Calcium chloride is the optimal solution for reliable snow removal and preventing frost, with a lot of benefits due to its properties and characteristics. Also, it is more effective than the classic one with salt and sand, because in contact with the ground it is being kept dry, avoiding the accumulation and deposition of sand and asphalt destruction.

Calcium chloride is a relatively new method used for the actions of snow removal and other adjacent branches in Romania, but in other countries began to be used since 1940, after there were noticed positive characteristics which stood above other processes mentioned above.

The main advantages of calcium chloride are found in its ability to combat and prevent frost , the ability to quickly absorb moisture, but also by releasing heat to dissolve in water , characteristics that are superior to other substances used in maintenance of the roads for colder periods of the season / the year.

Calcium chloride is the most powerful agent used for defrosting , melting ice and snow from walkways , access roads , parking lots , streets , highways . Exothermic reaction ( heat release ) of calcium chloride makes it the best choice for snow removal activities : no other product melts more ice , or faster, than calcium chloride .

As mentioned above , calcium chloride is an optimal element in maintaining roads in winter , better than other substances. Taking the example of salt, below you cand find disadvantages compared to calcium chloride:
·         Drastically reduces its effectiveness at temperatures below -4 C
·        In the same conditions of temperature, the amount of melted ice is reduced
·         It has a slower power of action
·         It has a negative environmental impact
·         It deteriorates the asphalt and it is corrosive to the car body

Referring to options and solutions that we can adopt to implement actions for snow removal, calcium chloride is observed due to several factors and presents multiple advantages:

  • Because of the extremely low temperature freezing, application of calcium chloride can give satisfying results even under 30/40 degrees; it melts and prevents the glazed frost, acting as anti-slip material
  • It evolves a higher heat than sodium chloride, and thus penetrates the snow and the ide faster that salt, at temperatures down to 15 degrees
  • It absorbes very quick the moisture from the air and from the roads, keeping them dry
  • It is 70-80 times less corrosive: does not destroy concrete and asphalt surfaces, thus reducing the damage of the vehicles; calcium chloride can be used even as an additive – with the ability to increase the speed for drying the asphalt layers
  • It has positive effects on soil and vegetation, which is used even as a micronutrient for various crops
  • Immediate action: penetrates the snow and the ice faster than salt does
  • Easy to wash and it doesn’t leave sediments
  • It is water soluble and flexible in various combinations leading to mixtures that can be used to prevent the deposition of snow and / or anti-slip materials and de-icing material (for example: it can be combined with sand or salt)
  • The application of calcium chloride can be performed very easy, using machines and equipments which are used for washing and cleaning the roads

For the cold period targeting the road maintenance, C&V Water develops and markets technologies and equipments that use calcium chloride, with preparation, storage and pumping stations, consisting of:

  • Mixing Solution tank, made of PP;
  • Solution storage tank, made of PP;
  • Centrifugal pump emulsion tapping, blowing and exhaust emulsion whose order is made through a switchboard;
  • Water flowmeter.

The equipments we propose are compact and easy to use systems, and imply easy maintenance operations and easy transportation due to its low specific weight, occupy a reduced space, have high mechanical resistance and long lifetime.