IntelliTank tanks hold technical approval and technical approval, issued by the Technical Council for Construction of the Ministry of Public Works and Housing. The minimum lifetime estimated by the tanks producer is 30 years, the lifetime guarantee by C&V Water being at least 18 months in optimum operating conditions, the maintenance of the tanks being relatively easy, being performed by periodic washing at the recommended intervals by manufacturer, depending on their destination.

The elements used in the construction of the reservoirs do not contain radioactive or potentially carcinogenic substances, toxic wastes or other substances or elements harmful to people’s health or the integrity of the environment and they meet the conditions imposed by the “General Labor Protection Norms” approved by the Ministry of Labor with Order no.508 / 2002 and the Ministry of Health with Orders No.933 / 2002 and 195/2005.

On delivery, the products are accompanied by the Quality Certificate, the Warranty Certificate, the Technical Approval and the Manufacturer’s Declaration of Conformity.
C & V Water Control can provide additionally for each type of tank, depending on the variant chosen by the beneficiary, the plans and execution details for the foundation with its geometrical dimensions, reinforcement details and reinforcement table.

Based on the geo-study provided by the beneficiary, the foundation project for the reservoir will be realized so that it is adapted to the real situation in the field (additional works may be needed to improve the foundation ground).
The flanges and nuts necessary for the installation of the hydraulic system will be offered after the beneficiary communicates the exact positioning and their dimensions.