Underground Water Treatment Plant

Underground water treatment plant are planned and designed based on physico-chemical parameters of that water that will be treated, in order to make it drinkable.

The installations are constructed in order to ensure the container space optimization.


1. Dosing pumps
2. Reaction and storage tank
3. Pressure tank water pump
4. Sediment retention filter
5. Manometer
6. Isolation valve
7. Multimedia automatic filter
8. Birm automatic filter
9. Activated carbon automatic filter
10. Automatic softening plant
11. Automatic denitrification station
12. UV final sterilization

From the general scheme, depending on the characteristics of the drilling water, only the required equipment will be selected.

In installations, depending on the flow rate required for each application, automated filtering, softening, denitrification stations can be Simplex or Multiplex.

In special applications, the installations can be supplemented with reverse osmosis stations, electrodeionation, ultrafiltration, ozonation.