Drilling Services

The new high-tech and the qualification of our team, over 10 years experience, ensure the quality of our projects, a reduced working time and due to this, reducerd costs.

Our works are based on the quality, safety and environment european conditions.

Wheather if it’s about a individual home or a commercial/industrial/municipal project , we treat every customer with the same professionalism, reliability and personalized attention.  This requires an approach based on identifying the client’s needs and how the well will be drilled, drilling techniques, used materials, the final well usage. Following these simple principles the result is a long-term and high quality work.

The drilling technology uses high tech equipment with mechanized drilling technology based on hydraulic rotary drilling and reverse circulation drilling fluid.

With our technology we perform drilling with depths up to 300 m. These are destined for exploitation of underground water, geological research, cathodic prize for pipeline, drilling for sustaining construction on lands with reduced stability.

The water drilling can be part of bigger projects as

  • cities,
  • villages,
  • residential water supply,
  • for agriculture,
  • industry,
  • commercial applications,
  • individual homes.