This equipment is s intended for installation in pumping stations and treatment plants.
The screen’s large, open area gives a high capacity per unit area and low head loss. It can be designed for each application and can be mounted on chanells up to 3,6 m width and 4 m depth.
The screen needs to be fixed inclined on 75°, therefor a minimal space is required.
The scraper is designed to discharge the maximum position above deductions, which, thanks to solid frame allows discharge height dimensioning according on the project requirements.

System equipments:

1. Rake;
2. Screen;
3. Screenings discharge
4. Gear rack;
5. Screening carriage’s upper return point
6. Rake’s spring suspension;
7. Drive unit

Functioning principle:

  1. Standby mode and dewatering of screenings;
  2. When screenings accumulate, the water level rises and the rake carries the screenings up along the screen. The screenings are removed through the screenings tipping over the discharge edge
  3. The rake returns to its lower return position to start cleaning the screen again
  4. The rake starts cleaning the screen from its bottom return position.

Are designed to remove particles in wastewater. It is most commonly installed in sewage treatment plants and pumping stations. It is manufactured of all stainless steel (304 or 316)
This screen is is composed of one fixed part and another mobile part, designed as steps made of 2.5 mm thick bars. The distance between the bars is 2-3 mm depending on the parameters taken into consideration (flow, channel dimensions, etc.).

The exterior equipment width can mesure between 440-1400 mm, and has a shell
Latimea exterioara a echipamentului poate varia intre 440 si 1400 mm, and has a fully enclosed shell with exhaust connection DN100 and doesn’t require special works for the installation into the chanel. The superior side is attached so that it can be lifted for inspection and maintenance. All components, except for standard mechanical equipment, are made of stainless steel 304/316.

System equipments:

1. Fixed and moving bars;
2. Eccentric which gives the screen its circular motion;
3. Drive unit;
4. Screenings discharge.


· The screen’s large, open area gives a high capacity per unit area and low head loss;
· A self-cleaning screen,spray wash and brushes are not necessary;
· Controlled transport of the screening mat ensures excellent screen performace;
· Can be installed in smaller plants and in stainless steel tanks;
· Secure bar fixing ensures exact slot width is always maintained
· Low operating costs and reduced mentainance operations.