Filtration for the entire home without maintenance and without replacing any cartridges.

Water treatment through various filtration media is the most efficient and economical way to remove suspended solids, color, taste and odor in water, as well as oxidation and removal of excess iron and manganese. These systems are connected to the water system and efficiently filter the water needed for the entire house.

The IntelliFILTER automatic water treatment units are equipped with electronically controlled, last-generation timers that ensure a regular washing of filtration media, thus improving performance, lifetime and preventing pressure drops from the filter system.

Automatic filters can be equipped with 2 types of filter media: Granular activated carbon (GAC), AG Filter.

Activated Carbon Filters (GAC) IntelliFILTER consist of a pressurized tank containing the highest quality charcoal, with a very large area compared to the occupied volume.

Activated carbon has the role of improving the taste, color and smell of water and reduces a wide range of chemicals (chlorine): pesticides and herbicides, removing impurities (up to 40 microns) resulting in cleaner water.

Safe and with improved taste, thus protecting the water supply and household appliances.

The filtration units – AG IntelliFILTER – have a more complete action on water impurities, reducing sediment and particulate matter (such as rubbish, sludge, clay, rust, etc. up to 20 microns), which results in protecting the pipes and appliances, improving their operation and lifespan.

These systems are recommended because of high workflow, sediment reduction capacity and reduced weight, which has a number of advantages: reducing the frequency of washing cycles, increasing the operating time, reducing the flow rate used for washing and the quantity of water used for this purpose.


  • Minimal maintenance;
  • The latest generation control valve;
  • Treats the water needed for consumption throughout the house;
  • Flow rates between 1.00-1.4 m3/h.