About us

Innovative Technologies for Water Treatment!

Founded in 2001, C & V Water Control is an experienced company that offers water treatment technologies.

We have more than 15 years experience and is devoted to the development of innovative water and wastewater treatment technologies in residential, industrial and municipal/urban applications.

The core business of the company is water treatment services, from design to execution and maintenance for IntelliBlO treatment plants as well as IntelliWATER drinking water treatment plants, both of which are company’s brands.

Throughout its work, the company has redefined its values, its mission and vision at the organizational level has streamlined its activities.

At the individual level, each position in the company was responsible through the application of working principles and conduct based on professionalism and engagement.

Based on our research and our accumulated experience, we have created a philosophy to communicate what actually defines us:

We do more than filter the water! 

We provide technologies for a healthy environment and a better life.

“80% din boli se datoreaza apei” – Dr. Louis Pasteur